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Post your competitive maps for CS:Source in here! Overview and .nav file must be included.

Hey guys! We're a bunch of dudes that enjoy playing competitive custom bomb/defuse maps. (e.g de_cevo_hazard, de_cevo_diesel, de_crane) I'm pretty sure that we've gone through all of the maps here on FPSBanana (believe me, we've added LOADS of competitive maps to our server) but there's always one that slips away. If any mapper out there is interested in making some new maps, that would be awesome. We've got some pretty famous players in our gang (e.g Fifflaren), so your map would definitely be recognized. We would like to see a simple layout with good fps and not that many props, just like in the maps above. Got any maps that you enjoy playing in clanwars? Feel free to post them in this thread. Netday posts a lot of good maps that are specially designed for clanwars. It's great for anyone who'd like to play on a more serious level.



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