can't find CS:CZ server

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I just bought counter-strike and i cant play on any server's. as long as My ass i never play on internet server when I play cs i try to ''find server'' But....... I found this Stupid Sign ''Could not contact master game server to retrieve server list'' N one more thing I dont get What is -STEAM- so well that's all add me if you like so we can discuss this plz HELP...................


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    From what I can make out of your undetailed post.
    You don't have steam and you cant access the internet servers without it.
    Go to and press install steam in the homepage.

    Specify you problems mor eproperly next time.
    The game, you've lost it!
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    Your cs in non-steam -.- get steam to play cs with other players now!
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    It appears that you bought an old WON version of CZ. The WON network does not exist anymore and is replaced by Steam. If you have a legal but just old copy of CZ, you can install Steam, create a new account (don't lose it!) and enter the CD key in Steam. It will be tied to your Steam account and be downloadable any time you want. You'll have to log in to Steam if you want to play.
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