HELP! compiling mdl & t.mdl??

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need helpwith compiling one mdl and not two

Hello I'm new here :D I am having a small problem with compiling a model. I have made a model for my pokemod server in cz and I made a Ash looking guy in 3ds max, I compiled it and it works... but there is a small problem, Instead of making one mdl it made a second one a t.mdl. (I have heard that the t.mdl is holding the textures) the players who joins my server only downloads the first mdl and not the t.mdl and after joining there games crashes and gets an error saying that the t.mdl is missing? I seached some forums and tried download a new player.amxx, that let the players download the t.mdl but some of the players can't join my server now because of it?? so it could be awsome if someone could tell me how to compile one mdl or just do it for me :D I will upload it if it's in one mdl. btw. I have also have a small problem with the aninations.... the model "moonwalks" when it run backwards....


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    While I don't know the solution for the T.mdl, for the "moonwalk", compile the original mesh on a freshly decompiled, original player model, it should compile it without any errors.
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    I have already tried that with no succes... and to be honest I don't really care about the "moonwalk" thing because if I can't make it into only one mdl I can't use the model at all...

    but anyway, thanks
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    You heard the T.mdl from me.... -.-"
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