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Need help Please

MW2 Bugs
Well I bought Retail Modern Warfare 2 on tuesday 10th November. I installed the game and began playing later that night and began experiencing some bugs within the hour. Today the bugs have esculated and more have been found since I just started the multiplayer. If you recognise any of these bugs or know the answer to them please tell me. Reinstalling didnt work neither did updating my graphic drivers or Direct X
Bug List 1) Random Direct X error message crashing single player after each mission. (Cant finish game because it crashes on very last level) 2) Once multiplayer match has ended if I stay in lobby for next map game crashes. 3) When I start the game Title Menu runs at 3FPS for exactly 8 seconds then everything is fine.
Specs: OS: Windows 7 32bit CPU: i7 920 @ Stock RAM: 3GB DDR3 @ 1866Mhz (Ram Stock OCed) GPU: GTX 280 @ Stock Thanks for Viewing


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    Hm kay i have no bugs registered yet and i run that game on the highest settings

    (i know i have an bad english)
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