Crashes shortly after start up.

A Forum Thread for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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fuck my ass this sucks

Ok so i just bought cod6 retail and installed on my comp, it connected to steam and finished installing. i double click the mw2 icon and shortly after the game starts it crashes. It freezes up and has to be closed with CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Ive run in compatibilty mode, as admin, all the possibilitys. It asked if i wanted to run in safe mode and i did but it still froze. Im so angry atm so some assistance would be great.


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    Many people are having problems with this game. Check this out.
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    Did u dl the game Via steam?
    Or is it retail?

    I know i get problems By dling steam games, not always but usually
    give it a bit to c if it's a steam problem, u prolly won't get much tec support since it just came out :)

    If worst comes to Worst Redl it, u can alasy delete an redl with steam

    Good Luck! ;)
    unpatient basterd


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