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plsss teach me how to install/download HL MODs \ btw im new here! xDD R name: Max N name: Azzazin Gender: Male Hometown: Philippines Language: English , Tagalog , and leaning how to speak JaPz ^__^


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    Konnichiwa ^^
    Watashiwa Gangstakill desu :D
    O genki desu ka? :D

    What mod are you trying to install?
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    Half life 1 or 2?
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    War has changed...
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    Most hl1 mods have installers to automatically install them, if they don't here's how it usually goes.

    Make sure you've started HL1 at least once, this is to make sure there is a half-life folder in your /steamapps/yourusername/ folder.

    Once you've done that simply move the folder containing the the mod to your half-life directory.

    For example, if you manually installed Sven-Coop (It has an installer but I got no better example) your folder structure would look like this:
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    Pardoned after a year


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