custom skin + sv_pure 1 crashes hl2.exe

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a custom skin for mani and when sv_pure set to 1 will make some player`s hl2.exe crash

I made some custom skins, based on the t_leet_admin model from mani following this tut: NOTE: sv_pure is set to 1 using whitelist (and yes, the whitelist is correct) When I uploaded it and installed the skins, they work fine for everyone. However... (there always is a "However" when starting a topic :P) However, many client`s hl2.exe crashes on short of period playing. The server calls an error like: "connection closing: client timed out" When no player choose the skin (I mean, when all players use normal skins instead of the custom ones) they don't crash at all. Anyone familiar with this bug? I really need to fix it! cheers, Twinny p.s.: please help? :P


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