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Looking to share this with another clan

Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forums. THE IP TO THE SERVER IS: Hello, this is L2Dx Server "Scripter" iMpAcT. I've been trying the past few days to get the server populated. And I've come up with the idea to share this server with another clan that needs a home. A clan that would like to share must add me on Steam... "AStupidRock" or email me at "questers@gmail.com." The clan leader will get Admin, with full Z flags. Clan must have atleast "5" regulars that can get on most parts of the day! This is a 100 Tick, 24 Slot Server, with a little bit of addons if you would like to look here to find out more: http://www.cstrike-planet.com/forum/showthread.php?p=37574#post37574 ::!! The clan that would like to share this server will have a say in the installed plugins and/or maps. Also, the shared clan will not have to pay (unless you would like to donate). ::!! The clan will have it's clan tag in the server name, and also the admin will be put on the adverts and MOTD! SERVER INCLUDES FOLLOWING PLUGINS: # Death Beam - Draws a line from the attacker to the victim when a death occurs. # Weapon Rewards - Want to make some extra money? Try killing people with unlikely weapons and from a long distance. Get money instantly on a kill! # Banking System - We believe in high banking systems. Letting you withdrawl, deposit, transfer funds and check a balance through a little menu, you shouldn't find yourself without money. Use /bank. # Team Betting v2.2 - You have a little bit of money, and your team is in the lead, but you are dead. Why not take your chances and bet to win a little extra back? Say "bet *team* *amount*". # Ready For War - You start automatically with a Desert Eagle, and 100 Armour! Don't worry about buying that junk anymore! # BOOM! - Players explode on death to add a little more excitement and entertainment to deaths. The explosion IS pretty big but it wont hurt you, you're a soldier! # Knife Fight - The last player left on each team will have the choice to knife it out to the death. Perfect time to place your bets! # SoD Stats - A ranking system within the server used to calculate skill based on a points system! Start at 1000 points, work your way up! Say /rank.



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