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Can u guys recommend me some good fy and de custom maps because i can't find a decent custom maps


  • 8y
    In my view fy_poolparty_v3 is the best training/non-serious-style map in CSS. If you like it make sure you also check two of its many sequels: fy_poolparty_fix_norush and fy_poolparty_pro.

    The truly good custom de maps, which I play in a completely modified CSS (weapons, players, HUD), do not abound in FPSBanana. There are some stunning pieces of art out there, but you know, they are the kind of maps which are better to take a stroll through them rather than to play hard (even with bots). Taking all this into account I have finally concluded that de_beroth(_beta) is the more balanced -looks, design and gameplay- map you can find here.

    Only these four maps (mainly two) I have quoted until here will last for years of daily playing.

    Note that I am very selective about maps: from the default ones I do only like de_dust2 -and I think it needs several changes- and de_dust -this last much less due to its biased layout-. I hardly ever play the rest. After many hours surfing FPSBanana CSS custom maps section I only use the aforementioned maps (my favourite) and these ones:

    -de_gambaru (arguably as good as de_beroth).

    I would like to create my own maps, but I found Hammer
    -as before Photoshop :)- very difficult to use, and at the moment I do not have time enough for learning how to deal with it.

    That's all chap. Hope you will enjoy those maps as much as I do.
    Sic transit gloria


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