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Assistance requested

So I play CZ and I have fun with it and i use best skins this site has to offer for that game and some skins that i like were originally CSS skins ported to CZ, that sounds like a good deal right? well there is one problem, every time i use a CZ skin that is a CSS skin port, the only sounds that work for the ported gun are the firing sounds, the other sound files are in the folder but when i use the ported gun no sounds play (aside from firing) this really takes away from the gun and especially the game so i was wondering if anyone has had this problem to and/or learned how to fix it.


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    Are the CSS skin ports like custom skins? Like they're not default?

    Where did you get the ports from?

    Because the QC script doesnt play clipout clipin or ak47_clipout, etc.

    Use Jed's HLMV and look in sequences tab, select the reload sequence and look in the drop down menu saying events 1 or whatever, you will see the sound names required.
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    Where are you getting the ports from?

    i used to use the css transformation pack and it worked like a charm because its already completed from the sounds to the models etc

    i think its something to do with the files from the css skins you have
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    No its like custom CSS skins made with ppl from this site
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