Hosting a Local L4D Server

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Issues with CONNECTING...not with hosting

I have been hosting a L4D server locally for several months now and used it once me and my friend connected to it but now whenever I try to connect to it It doesnt even allow that option if I hit launch game my laptop will start the L4D dedicated server tool just like my desktop which is the locally hosting machine....this is getting very annoying and i cannot proceed to set this up as the steam group server until it is fixed..anyone have any suggestions?


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    Are you using the same account on the two machines? if you are that causes problems, you all so might want to check and see if you didn't ban your self sounds stupid yes but I've had it happen
    why put something here?
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    You can just put in

    sv_lan 1
    map [mapname]

    and then on the other PC you type in

    connect [yourip]

    and you are all done!
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    Yea but the thing is that I want to use this server as a steam group server and as my clans L4D server...the L4D server is installed under echoserver1 and my steam account is TRLOS so no thats not it and noone has been any other ideas?

    i forgot to put up that im using port forwwarding but even with that comp DMZ'd it still wont work...and i have a Linksys v6 Wirless G router and a wired B router...the server comp is wired to the G router
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    Download Now ?
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