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Read this, some stuff should be done...

Ok guys, i love the game dead space, but i have nor the download space, or some other stuff. now what im looking for, are some skins. mostly for Sven Co-op, i would like anyone who can to: player model *make an isaac clarke wearing level 2 suit* weapon model(s) *try to make a Plasma Cutter 357 replacement, and possibly a SMG pulse rifle replacement* thanx a lot guys


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    No, but good luck finding somebody willing to make a model exactly like the dead space models. unless somebody did an illegal port for you.
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    Im not looking for super excact perfectness, it would just be kinda cool to have a model like that. again, it doesnt have to look so good it looks like real dead space, im just looking for a dead space-like model
    if he does that again, you can


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