Trickjump minimovie

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A small trikz video

So we decided to record 3 simple tricks and then I asked on a finnish forum if someone wanted to edit them for a clip. Here is the result: Trickjump minimovie Editor: finnish guy called NTV


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    Holy crap that video itself was very good looking, and the jumps where awesome very nice!
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    A tad short for a minimovie, with some fairly standard tricks with a slight of creativity.

    I think the editing could of been better though, the water drop effect wasn't very smooth and fitting and the clear black screen that was used just showed the editor wasn't very creative with his ways of making things sync.
    Oh and the soundtrack is so over-used it makes me sick.

    Most of the transition effects looked like they were just made in spice master so a little variety would of been nice.

    The finishing text was bland and boring, just a font on a sky, a lot more effort could of been put in.

    Even the colour settings were boring and very sub-par.

    Hopefully he is new to editing and wasn't just being lazy. ;)

    Not a bad vid, I've seen a lot worse and I've seen a lot better.

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