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Map with 8 mini games only for nades !

Hi, my map desn't apear on the home page (cry). It took me so much time to do it, so i want ppl know him :) Thanks for watching and if you like it, rate it! ;) bb.


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    Platinum version coming soon :

    - Map starter system changed.
    - Teleporters lights are now green.
    - Anti AFK not kill immediatly, but hurt with 2 damages per seconds and display a message in the hud panel :
    >> It's time to use the teleporters! Check which teleporters A, B, C or D with the green lights on. <<
    in English and French.
    - Knife spawn delay changed to 2 minutes (3 minutes before).
    - Water height changed.
    - White light removed when players fall in the fog.
    - Start changed : 2 players are choosed to take the control of a cannon (you have more chance to be selected if you stay away from the doors)
    i more player is choosed 2 min after the map has been voted AND IF there is not all the players in the control room.
    - The control rooms doors opens automaticly 45secs after the map is voted.
    - A message is displaying on the hud of the players that are allowed to take the control of a cannon.
    - A message is displaying on the chat if there is too much players in the control room.
    - Cannons speed increased.
    - Hud glass changed (clearlier).
    - Glitch that players can go on the top of cannons fixed.
    - Cannons balls damage and radius damage increased.
    - "Not team won!" added and fired 3 min after the map is voted : hud's doors open, hud's corridors not hurt and 2 other corridors opens to go to the other team areas.
    - Gold blocks can be break with the knife (Only).
    - Doors to go to the control cannon room not close immediatly (to prevent glitch when not allowed players go in).
    - Speed x2 for the block that control the arrow's speed.
    - Chat message displaing when an arrow settings is max.
    - Random reverse delay decreased.
    - Respawn delay for the blocks decreased to 1 second (3 seconds before).


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