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Horror Stories Recruitment - A Forum Thread for Half-Life 2.

Half Life 2 mod,Horror Stories: Asylum Chronicles is on Recruitment.

Photobucket Team Name: Hypergames2K8 Mod Name: Horror Stories: Asylum Chronicles Engine Source: (Half Life 2) Recruiting: Yes URGENTLY REQUIRED: ANIMATORS Crayville Asylum Horror Stories is now at a stage where the collaboration of skilled and talented people with innovative and structural idea’s are required; building, enhancing and bringing this incredible mod to life. We need talent ranging all fields of game building from Modellers, Map Makers, Animators, Concept Artists, to Sound Personnel, Texture Artists and Programmers. Anyone interested in becoming part of this dedicated dev team to bring this amazing mod to its playable conclusion please do not hesitate to contact us and join the team Join the Team - Homepage - Forum - ModDB - Description 1. Dark breathtaking visuals using the power of Half-Life 2's Source Engine. 2. Choose from a wide range of melee weapons and ranged weapons to help you survive. 3. Adventure through dark corridors which haven't seen life in over 101 years. 4. Use Ghost hunting equipment to track the strange things that lurk in every corner. 5. Fast action combat with a first person camera which reacts to your every move. 6. Rag-Doll Physics engine to help constitute realism. 7. RPG Elements which will help your character become more familiar with weapons and survival Story Dan Heckrich, the great grandfather of Elijah Heckrich who is now the Mayor of Crayville built the village of Crayville during the Civil War as a place of retreat for the soldiers after the war, and for people who did not care for the larger cities Shortly after the city was constructed and the Civil War started to recede into history; after many years of bloodshed an Asylum was ordered built mainly because of the numerous soldiers who had suffered from nervous breakdowns, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other relevant forms of Trauma from their experiences in the war. This was something that needed to be done, so Dan called upon a British Architect by the name of Jordon Floyd to design, plan and build the Asylum so these people could be taken care of. 1885 came and the Asylum stood tall and was finally ready to receive patients when they needed help and treatment. Shortly after the Asylum was built, Dan appointed Justin Fallwood to become the Director of the facility under contract that he would not allow anything to happen to the patients while they were receiving treatment for their mental disorders. Two years passed and everything inside the asylum was fine, until Dan Heckrich was found dead with a gunshot wound to the forehead in his home, a home which is now a sinking ruin in the mud. No one knew who had killed him or why, but there seemed to be a motive behind it somewhere. Justin was shaken to hear that Dan's body was found but showed no proof of who had killed him. A few years later the contract to the Asylum expired, and the Asylum became a mentally unhealthy and seriously unstable place to be. The rooms filled quickly because Justin had begun placing orders to have more patients taken from larger facilities and checked into Crayville so that treatment could be administered on a one to one basis, and for a longer period of time than the larger Asylum’s could or would provide. After a while Justin began to change, becoming extremely aggressive towards the staff and the patients for no apparent reason, people assumed he was going crazy because of the constant growing number of patients he had to assist and maintain. Things went to hell and the killing began. Patients were killing each other and the staff. Justin watched as patients defiled each other right in front of his very own eyes. The Asylum started to become a place of torture. Soon after, a rumour was released; that some type of dark force was controlling Justin, causing him to revel in the slaughter, torture and bloodshed. He began building various devices of torture to use on the patients if his orders were not followed, these implements would be used. 1940 came around and Justin reached the age of 73. Several months after his birthday he was finally caught allowing this to happen to the patients and was ordered to be executed by hanging and buried on unhallowed ground where no one would find him again. It is now 2010; many years have passed since the bloodshed in the Asylum, which has been closed to the public for many years now. But in 2008 strange occurrences began. The people of Crayville started disappearing at night reducing the village’s population at a staggering rate in just a matter of days. The Asylum appeared to be operating again, but far from normally. Malicious Un-dead screeches and screams started to fill the night with fear, as if someone had reanimated the horrific past and the people. With rapid action Elijah Heckrich, the mayor of Crayville called upon Ashlyn Tanneth to investigate this strange phenomenon what will she find? How will she handle it? Will she survive? It is up to YOU the player to decide.