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Help please

I want to start my own css server but i dont have the money to do it so i need someone to help me with this. Also i have designed my own website I want it to be a Jailbreak server with maybe rpg mod, if you choose to host i will give you more details. (besides the obvious free perm admin of server and forum admin). Also i will be selling admin for 1 month 3 months 6 months and perm. Prices will be determined by what the price of hosting is... Wanted server specs: 12 Slots Jailbreak Mod Mani Admin Plugin Eventscripts Rpg Mod If you are interested drop by to this website First members are likely candidates to become forum mods.


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    12 slot T_T
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    Haters gonna hate
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    Rofl dude... really/ basically ur asking someone to give u 14-17 bux a month... and all they get in return it admin on some barely built clan and a free website? no thank u


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