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Need help with the finalization/fixing of a few errors in a L4D map.

Basically, I am on a mission to make every campaign map have it's own survival mode map. My first try on this is for the first map of the No Mercy campaign, where the survivor's hold up in the street after leaving the alleyway. After MANY long compiles (I didn't delete any part of the map, it's still whole) I finally created a good survival map that I think could stand against any of the others. However, there are a few issues in which if somebody has the knowledge, please share! 1. I've sent the, what I thought to be final version (I found a few bugs I can fix), to a few of my friends. 3/4 of the complained of missing textures (Purple/Black squares) on practically the entire map. I sent them the same version that I'm using and I did not include any custom textures that should need to be pakratted, so I'm wondering the cause of this. 2. When one of my friends hosted his own server for 4 of us to try it out, I was unable to connect due to "Your string table differs from the servers". Upon looking up that error, it would appear that I have a different version (which I checked, and I dont). I have not yet tried to add this map to a server, working on aligning one up, so I'm wondering if that is an issue, but I was the only one unable to connect, and of those that did, 2 of them were complaining of missing textures and one of them said it looked fine. 3. Other than those errors, I would love to add the professional look to the map. I was wondering if anybody knew how to set it up so that it will appear in the "Add-on" part when attempting to start a server (as of now, the only way to get to it is starting the server then changing the map to the proper one). 3.5 As a side note to number 3, I would also love to have it say "Streets" in the addon page, rather than the map name "l4d_sv_hospital01_street". If anybody knows how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading, all help is appreciated. If I can get the map fixed, then I will submit it to FPSB, and if the reaction is good I will make many more survival remakes. If you think it looks interesting, please help! . -Karnivore


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    3. I would expect using the vpk packer, this can be achieved, however I don't know how it works :P

    2. I get the same issue with the map I'm helping develop
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    :( So nobody knows? lol Wow, Steam needs to make a guide for this crap
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