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My second skins-showing video

I just finished my video, where I present CS:S Skins which are in my opinion the best on this site. For some items I took multiple skins. Of course I put all of them to a pack which can be found here. Tell me what you think about it! :) Download Video (HD 720p): Stream Youtube: or you can watch it here:


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    Did you get permission to put those skins in the pack from the individual authors? because you probably didn't.
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    What yeh talkin' about willis?
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    Why do people make these videos? Most people don't care about your opinions on skins.
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    The only reason why I liked this video, is because of the way you edit the video. That is all.
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    this site is dead
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    You, and everyone else who makes these kind of video demonstrations should get permission from the authors who made the skins presented.

    I'm kindly asking you to get the permission, and cut down the video to the ones you gather permission for.
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