I want to delete all my tf2 skins.

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How? I tried to delete individual ones i downloaded...but i can't remember which are which...so how do i get rid of all of my downloaded skins? Also, in the process of trying to delete them...i delted something for the scout without realizing...and now the bat doesn't make a sound when it hits...how can i fix that too?


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    Delete your models folder inside the materials Folder (TF > Materials > Models)...

    I think you will have to download a new sound for the Scout or simply reinstaling Team Fortress 2 will get rid of all you skins and replace them with the Normal ones.
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    Just delete the whole "team fortress 2" folder. When you load up the game, it will automatically make a new one.
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    Posted by Mr.ChiPs

    Just delete the whole "team fortress 2" folder. When you load up the game, it will automatically make a new one.

    What he said.


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