[Mapping] Environment trouble

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Oh yes, Im retarded.

Hey Want my map to have a nice sunrise/dawn, so picked the Harvest sky and added fog. Gah, it doesnt look anything like harvest. Check this picture out and compare it to Blood Harvest: http://img194.imageshack.us/i/skyandfog.jpg/ Looks more like Death Toll to me. I picked that fog color because its the only one which fitted and when I tried to make the fog grayish like in BH, it didnt suit at all. And the sky in BH looks gray and the orangish spot seems bigger and wider, but mine is blue and different in all ways. So what am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance, fawk3s


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    Open the Blood harvest map and go to the 3d skybox thing. There you see it has this black-fading thing in it. maybe thats why it looks different?!

    and color correction and all the trees and stuff ... make things look wwaaaay different
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    I've never mapped for L4D but try decompile the harvest map and copy their ligh entitys into your map.
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    I dont think Im gonna copy since I dont want it exactly the same but I might try to check the black-fading thing later.


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