power supply crashed

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Requirements please

Ok so my friend just put a 450 watt power supply in his beast of a pc and today it crashed. the question im asking is Is it just a bad power supply or not enough wattage?. the reason of asking is hee has another 450 watt and doesnt know if he has to spend more money on a larger one. His specs are: amd phantom quadcore 3.00 ghz proccesor. 4 gigs of kingston hyperX memory. western digital 750 gig harddrive. Asus M3N72-D motherboard. no graphics card currently using on-board. so should he buy a new larger power supply or was it just a bad 450 watt? if he does need a larger one what would be a sufficient wattage?


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    Wattage doesn't always matter...how many amps does he have on the +12v rail/s ?
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    That one was just a piece of crap. That build needs like maybe 250W tops. Not that I'm suggesting buying something that weak. If it was one of those $15 jobs, just aim for something more reputable.
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    One day he will have to get a new card. Get 600Watts of a quality power supply. It can't "crash" since there is no software in the PSU, what it can do is burn out. Burn out happens if there is a grounding issue. IE: your - touches a + and you get fried PSU. Another thing could be that it burned out due to heat.
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