Need help making moving things burn

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I want to make a burning train

I have been working on a Left 4 Dead campaign, and I have been trying to make a scene like the one at the end of Dead Air. I want to have the Survivors walking down a path and have a train that is on fire go roaring past their position, continue out of sight and then cause and explosion that the players would hear. I don't need to animate the wreck because I'm putting it out of sight, but I don't know how to make the train burn. Can someone tell me how? And I was also wondering if there was a way to make the explosion visable over the tree tops. I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks ^_^


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    Since you cant really parent env_fire to anything, i use a fire based info_particle_system and a trigger hurt attached to the model as well if i intend it to hurt both survivors and infected alike, to make the explosion visible, is very possible, but requires more explaination, so add me to steam (1sg_heartless) and i can explain and even help create certain aspects of what you need,
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