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You don't want to rent from this guy. He takes 3-5 days to setup servers and if you need support, it rarely exists. Hence why we went to another host. He hijacked our box stating we have 30 days to notify him of canceling even though it took 3-5 days for him to respond. He said that his datacenter requires 30 days notice when in reality, we talked directly with the data center and they said 72 hours notice is all they need. He's a shame. He hijacked our machine and told us that it's his even though we did pay for 3 more weeks of service. You're best to avoid him. He's bad business. He stole $420 from us too and refuses to refund the money back. He's been boning a lot of people and he tries to sweet talk how negative criticism is something against him. Find any host that isn't going to steal your time and money. Otto Bohn Co-Owner of


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