Cycleing Custom Spray Paints

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Spray a different spray paint every time you spray.

I have recently played with a guy that was able to spray a different spray every time he sprayed. I asked how he did it and all he said was that he has everything in its own folder. I have looked everywhere to find out how he did this. He obviously could only spray one at a time, and none were animated. How in the world did he do this? Is there a option for multiple sprays I don't know about? I thought you just loaded one and that was it. If someone knows how to do this, does it work on animated vtf's as well? Thanks for any and all information on how to do this.


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    Maybe he had bounded a serials of keys to the spesific spray.
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    Perhaps, I have yet to try that yet. However, doesnt the game only let you load one spray per game? I dont think you can pop into options to change.
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    You can only load one spray per map. Have to change map/server/whatever to change spray.

    He probably had a really slow animated spray and you were fooled, or it was a strange customized server.
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    Afaik this would be impossible. i think you are mistaken?
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    Not impossible, but i have seen a source mod that enables admins of servers to have multiple sprays, and spray as many as 10 diff ones on one map.
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