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In the deathrun map deathrun_Xduell_v4 the mapper has taken parts from my map for his own

This person has stole traps from me and other mappers! he should have this map stricken from EVERY server, from this is NOT his map. it is merely a bunch of deathrun maps smashed together with a crappy wall theme! i have screen shots from in game and in hammer of his map and my map Deathrun_Dust, deathrun_dust have been out for over 2 months, this is 15 days old at the moment. he stole 3 traps from me, Fireing Squad, Mines, and 3 sets of 2. here are the screen shots: Mines: Firing Squad: 3 Sets:


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    Yeah, he could of stole it. The most FPSB can do though is remove it from submissions. FPSB isn't the god of all CS:S servers, silly.
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