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Oh noes. D:

Hey FPSB, today I decided I would put my old ATi Radeon 9800 Pro back into my PC to play L4D again (hopefully). But there's a slight problem, my computer crashes about 5 minutes through the game. My system is over the minimum requirements thankfully, but if you need to know here are some specs. CPU: Pentium 4 3.0GHZ RAM: 2gb GPU: ATi Radeon 9800 Pro Please don't post back telling me to get a new computer or something along the lines of me spending money, because my system should be able to run the game fine... Many thanks in advance. EDIT: Also I do have the Catalyst Control Center installed and working.


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    Bump. He told me to. :(
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    Laddergoat, u so random.
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    It's probably overheating or either DirectX crashing due to an overload. Secify the way it crashes so we can know what it is.

    Anyways, I would seriously reccomend updating to a new graphics card, they are cheap cards that can outperform your 9800 "Pro" by a lot, sorry for saying this but you should seriously think about that. About the P4, I'd say keep it.
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    Check your temporature and invest in a fan sounds like overheating i agree with Xtreme.
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    Crashes? Blue Screen? If so, what error do you get? BAD_POOL_CALLER?


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