Way to create ur own increment commands?

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Is there a way to create your own incrementvar commands?

I am aware of how aliasing and incrementvars work. I created this thread to ask a question about a possible advanced function with aliasing. Here's an in depth representation of what I'm asking: I know that with aliasing you can achieve results that in some cases can be achieved with using an incrementvar. For example: A net_graph toggle with alias: alias net neton alias neton "net_graph 1; alias net netoff" alias netoff "net_graph 0; alias net neton" bind "KEY" "net" With incrementvar, you can achieve the same function with this: bind "KEY" "incrementvar net_graph 0 1 1" In this case the incrementvar used with net_graph, which has the values of 0,1,2,3 and 4, with each corresponding to a different state of the net_graph. This is a pre-defined command that is built into the engine, in contrast to the net, neton and netoff aliases which must be created manually. I was wondering if you can create your own incrementvars, as I did with the aliases, each corresponding to a different state of something. I ask this not so much because I have a specific use in mind for it, it just would be good to know for my future adventures in scripting.


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    I've wondered this too. I forget exactly why, but I needed this for a script I wanted to make a while back.

    It would be very useful if it is possible.
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    Impossible since aliases cannot take parameters.
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