Decompile L4D maps?

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Helpz plzzz

Hey Does any1 have them? Or knows how to decompile them? I cant even get them out of the gcf file. Thanks in advance, fawk3s


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    There is decompilers out there but i don't think they work on l4d maps because its a very new game
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    First off get your nose out of the GCF, the map files aren't there. there here \Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\maps

    Secondly go here

    The up to date version will decomplile l4d.

    Don't just redit decompliled maps! They often have errors in them that make them unstable. Besides that, Feel free to decomplile to learn "how valve did it" and take small bits(after looking them over to ensure there bug free)

    Also never use the originals for decomplileing, always copy the original content before doing something kooky with it. saves you from allot of reinstalls.
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    Idk if that works out though.
    You can decompile them with vmex... well I tried and it worked somehow.
    But actually in the sdk beta there is the first map from no mercy
    at its original state (vmf ofc)
    so using that one if you want to know something may works out better....
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    heres a download of all the decompiled maps
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