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A Forum Thread for Day of Defeat

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A multiple objective map for day of defeat 1.3

Here it is the first video preview of my last map under the GoldSrc Engine. It's a map for day of defeat 1.3 with multiple objectives and, as you will see on video, some bugs must be fixed, like black models. Nevertheless the structure will not change anymore, only the Vemork Facility Section is still under construction. Progression 80% completed: Image hosted by


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    WIP section exists for a reason. The forums were not intended to post this.
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    There is a WIP section? Because i see only a MIP section and to post there you need a beta map to test, not ready yet.
    If needed i can trash it, but what i need it's just a suggestion if it is not too much to ask for you.

    Under MIP there is not a day of defeat 1.3 section, where i should post?
    knwoledge belongs to everyone
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    Hey Comatrix!

    I'll invite you to my studio, we need DoD mappers, and you're good man
    Swine brother
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    Ok joined
    knwoledge belongs to everyone


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