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Can you help me?

When i go to server list, there is alot of servers but i cant join them. Can you help me? I dont think i have the latest version of the game, and i can click on the server but when i try to join it just says something about i have a older protocol or something like that. i think something is too old but i dont know what it is. please leave links etc. for more help. PS. i didnt buy the game on the internet


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    Do you have the latest version of the game installed?
    Some extra informarion would not hurt either. Do you get an error message whn you join the server? can't you click on the servers? etc.
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    Yeah that's MY guitar.
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    Friendly Bump for you.

    Also, check if you have the latest version (1.5) installed, if not, i suggest downloading that patch first. just google "Bf2142 patch 1.5".
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    Yeah that's MY guitar.
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    I didn't know people still played this...
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    First to help you, d-_-b LAL. You can get almost every EA patch throught EA DM, just google EA download manager and you will find it.

    Posted by JigSaW27

    I didn't know people still played this...

    Second, There is alot of players still playing this. It's a great game.

    Thirdly, Too bad it crashes aftar a few minutes of playing for me. I think it's my crapy discs. I can't get it throught EA DM becuase i bought it before EA DM was in use (even before EA link). If it helps I got the expasion that you download throught EA DM (back when i bought it EA DM was called EA link). Someone know where I can get a bf2142 image file of he disc. I still got my cd-keys so I don't think it could be called ilegal.
    I think a new set of disks or a new image file would work becuase I have tested my disc at multiple comuters, all with the sam result.

    Goodluck getting you game working as well as goodluck to anyone who wants to help me.
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    Heh the more you know.

    Oh btw, thought I'd show this off here.
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