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We are looking to for a CSS group or clan to sponsor.

Hello, I am the owner of Reloaded Gaming, its a pretty new community to steam. I am looking for a group or a clan that would like to be sponsored. You may ask why is someone willing to sponsor someone. Well what this will do for me is fill one of my servers and make sure there are active admins on, and also help me get my community going into the steam side of things. Now your thinking what will I get out of this. Well you will get a 14 man server to play on with admin, also you will have access to all of our resources like ventrilo and our website. So if your interested or know someone who is pm me or stop by our site. Also we are looking for a TF2 group or clan as well. Thanks, Ma[N]ifest www.reloadedgaming.com


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    This is unknown, i have posted this thread link on my clan site.

    They MAY be interested.

    However i dont know what the situation is at the moment, so dont count on it at all.

    EDIT: If we do decided to do this sponsorship with it, its possible for either a CS:S or a TF2 server, as members play both.
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    Well as far as the TF2 search goes I suggest speaking with Goerge. He handles most all technical aspects of the FPSB servers. Might want to give him all the details of both offers. The community is fairly large and active. However I have no word in whether or not he'll take up the offer. Just a suggestion. :)


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