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Clan based freestyle multiplayer mod for Crysis Wars needs skilled team members

Alright, I'm starting work on a mod for Crysis Wars and need all positions. I have one coder, and myself (mod leader, mapper, some coding, skinning, etc.) I need people who are familiar with this engine, and want to help with an ambitious mod. The mod will be based on freestyle clan supported multi player over one huge series of maps. I have decided to use a STALKER like approach to this because of issues with the player limits in this, and most other engines. I am using Crysis due to its graphics and large scale outdoor environment support. Basically, players will create a character, using different skins, accessories, weapons, etc. The player will then be thrust into a world of other players who's stats are constantly tracked by a central server, then they can visit different maps via map servers, while their stats like clans they are in etc, are monitored consistently across all maps. I intend to focus on player customization with LOADS of choices for weapons and gear, hopefully more than any game or mod prior to this one. The players will fight for control points at outposts and defend their main base, all while finding and securing resources that spawn every x amount of time to keep their clan on top. Of course a player could stay solo, and just fight as they wish. Anyone who is interested email me, and anyone who has any input or ideas they are welcome.



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