25th Infantry Division

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Just to clarify, we are non profit, we don't charge for admin and all of that bs. Hey guys. Most of our members have known each other for 3+ years. We are mostly in North America, but we have a few Europeans and Austral/Asia members as well. We started as an America's Army clan was back in early 2005. We were a very successful clan with 90 - 100 members over all. At one point we had 50+ guys in our clan. We disbanded back in late 2007. Most of the members that are still around always say that the 25th is the best clan they have ever been in. We were a fun loving group of gamers, we love competition, but we also realized, gaming is about fun too. We decided after alot of our members starting coming back recently, that the 25th needs to come back. We just simply had so much fun, we needed to restart it. We've officially restarted the 25th Infantry Division for Counter-Strike Source today. We already have a 35 Man Teamspeak, which we will upgrade if needed. We have a 20 man CSS server aswell, which will be upgraded if needed, along with the possibility of getting new servers in CSS and other games. We've already configured the CSS server, to have all the mods you usually see, betting, stats, mani, all that good stuff. Our website is being created as we speak! This is our first day, we already have 10 members, old 25th and some new guys, and we are recruiting more guys still. We are also going to start scheduling matches once we get a few more people. If you would like to join, there are only a few prerequisites. You must love to have fun. You must enjoy playing. You should never have a bad attitude towards things like getting killed. You shouldn't get easily angered, and throw tantrums. Those are our only prerequisites because we just want to make sure our guys and girls are having fun playing. It would also help if you have a microphone, Teamspeak 2, and Xfire. Since we haven't gotten everyone signed into our GameTracker profile or Xfire Clan profile, so it seems like we have only a few members. Don't worry, we'll get the rest to sign up ASAP. So if you're interested in join a fun clan, then you should check us out! Here is our GameTracker profile. http://www.gametracker.com/clan/25thinfantry/ Here is our Xfire profile. http://www.xfire.com/clans/25thidcss/ You can chat with us on Teamspeak aswell! P/W omegaalpha If you would like, you can contact me personally. Via PM Xfire: sgtshotgun12 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/shogunner Here is our CSS server. http://cache.www.gametracker.com/server_info/ And again, no, we aren't going to make anyone pay except us leaders.


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