Crysis Wars Free Trail Week April 9th!

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Free Sandbox 2 Editor!

Adapt. Engage. Dominate. April 9th! Enjoy For a whole week. More news on Monday! My Crysis Wars Free Week! ****You dont need to buy the game for the new Sandbox 2 Editor, **** so Now and after the free trail you can make maps and goof around in the Editor all U want! Download Now, so You will be ready! 1.Free Crysis Wars Download Link Patch/Sdk link 2. Patch it to 1.4 3. Instal Sdk/Editor 4. Make your own map You just need a key to play it online Multiplayer by signing up at MyCrysis for a Free KEY!


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    I wonder why they are doing this so much. There's been about 3 or 4 free weekends, now they're doing a whole week?!

    Someone must have bad sales.
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    Well... They want more sells...
    And its pretty cool multiplayer

    More people should play it :D I like it alot
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    Yeah its quite fun, but I hardly ever play it since i got cod waw, actually the last time i played it was last year.
    Oh and idash, you might want to put this in the warhead section
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    Death to WinZip
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    Great, but I will DL it only for Editor :D
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