Muzzle flash lighting

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On/(off) the muzzle flash lighting.

Ok, so I got l4d, and it awesome, BUT theres a problem. When you shoot in l4d, the muzzle flash creates a lighting effect, basicly like the flashlight. Unfortunately, this flash is lagging my computer, meaning that I have to sit threw a horrible frame rate if I ever choose to use an automatic. Is there any consule commands that would get rid of this effect? note: there is one thats like muzzle_flash_... something, but it doesn't seem to do anything :P


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    Are you sure that your computer meets the minimum requirement if your getting fps lag from a muzzle flash?
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    What yeh talkin' about willis?
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    Its not the muzzle flash, its the actual lighting created by the flash. when you fire a gun, it creates light. (like the flash light, only it flickers off really fast)


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