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I can't find the spore saved game folder

Hey sorry for the subject....but fpsbanana doesn't have a spore subject. anyone please help me find the spore saved game folder...i am wiping my hard drive and i want to keep a few things and i am having great difficulty finding them and i really dont want to start over again, also if you know where the trackmania saved maps (that you have created) folder is that would be useful aswell....please help


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    Well, you could also post it in the FPSB/Games category, but nevermind.

    They are located in the Appdata folder.
    To go there easily, press the Windows key + R, then type: %Appdata% and press enter.

    In that window, copy the Spore folder, back it up, and paste it back in the same location when your wiped.

    be sure to copy your creatures too, or else they will not load properly. :D
    glad to have helped.
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