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I'm stuffed full of mods!

After I discovered the Fallout 3 nexus site, I packed Fallout 3 full of useful mods (and some not so useful :P ). And now, the game has become unplayable, lag everywhere. Random crashes when quicksaving in specific areas, nv4_disp.dll stop working when entering Rivet City, etc...etc...etc. My question: How would I delete all my mods and retextures without REALLY messing up my core game? What files/folders are safe/unsafe to delete? Points for the right answer! (100) (I hope that's enough)


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    Well, its really hard to find, youll have to go through all the downloaded files and remove them one by one, while looking at the download with the file names

    and sometimes you cant delete them, as in, they overwrite some stuff, so basically, reinstalling is the easiest way

    (could be another way though :P)
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    Uninstalling (as I've discovered) will remove the core game files, leaving any custom content behind. You could then just delete whats left behind.

    So yes, a fresh install would be best tbh.


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