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Where do I do that?

I recently made a map called "mg_leech_ultimate_challenge". The map is pretty much complete, yet I have one problem. That problem is that the round limit is defaulted at 5. How do I go about making it so that the round limit is longer than 5 minutes? Let's say that I want the round limit to be 20 limits... how would I go about doing that? Also, if I wanted to make the round limit infinite... how would I go about doing that also? There just isn't enough time to complete my whole map in that given 5 defaulted minutes. Can anyone help? =X


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    That is not something done in the map. Round time and round limit are server controlled.
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    Yea i understand that
    but how would you get the server to make the timelimit longer for that specific map?
    is it something you can do or does the server owner have to do it?
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    Mp_roundtime 20 (too bad max is 9mins)

    I dont know how to do this but many maps have something like it changes sv_airaccelerate 100. So you just need to know how to do that.

    There is 2 problems though: max round time is 9 minutes and new round changes only after new round, so you would have to have a mp_restartgame 1.
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    Yea i realized it was server side after awhile of thinking
    i had a brain freeze or something
    what you can do though is get the deathmatch timer mod thingy
    and you can use dmendround after a certain time
    or something like that


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