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POINTS INSIDE. this text contains excessive points.

OK, so I just started messing around with bf1942 on my laptop, since it's running so poorly that bf1942 is one of the only games I have that will run. I really like flying around on the wake island level, dive bombing transport ships, destroyers, and tanks. Unfortunately, the friendly AI is so thick that they always lose the airfield within 8.73 seconds of the map starting, so I can either restart the game every time my first plane gets shot down, or I can continue playing and get raped by the unbalanced tank distribution in the map (the half the enemy caps will give them 4 tanks and a halftrack, while my team only gets one tank driven by a hilarious drunk). I have a few ideas to fix this, but both the map editor and the mod tools don't work well in 64bit vista. So, if anyone happens to know how to edit weapon characteristics in bf1942, I want a mod that makes: The Colt 1911 a 1 shot kill on anything. tanks, planes, people, whatever. It will also have a larger mag cap and a lot more mags. This is so I can push the enemy out of the airfield without too much effort. The SBD dive bomber have an awesome gun. It needs to fire with chaingun speeds, have a moderate spread, have a much higher cpacity, say a couple thousand, and it's bombs must instantly reload and have a higher capacity. Also, make it have about %300 of it's original health. If you can add more planes to the airfield in the wake island level, that would be awesome. mb some of the experimentals from the secret weapons expansion if you have it. More tanks on the north side of the island would also be good. For all of this, I am willing to pay 5,000 points. Not bad for some simple script editing, but I really want to be able to play without worrying about the land portion of the game too much, and I can't get any editors working on my laptop else I would do it myself.



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