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Do me a favour! :0

Well I managed to mess up my dedi server on my comp recently, just trying to update it and it then wouldn't launch. Anywho, I backed up my cstrike folder with all the addons and such, all I need from you is the rest of it. All I ask is for someone to upload their dedi server files, except the cstrike folder. That means hldsupdatetool.exe, unwise.exe, hldsupdatetool_35.mst, clientregistry.blob (not sure if I need this, if it holds and login info or anything then leave it out. I don't think it will though since you don't need an acc to download this anymore.), installrecord.blob and the bin, hl2 and platform folders, or any others. Since I've backed up my cstrike folder it should save you some time and it'll make the file size much smaller for both of us. I want this because I like messing around with addons that I can't use with create server games, such as eventscripts scripts which I've started learning. Thanks in advance!



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