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Funnest moment In Css

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

Admin hax ^^

Hey all, I created this thread to tell my funniest Css moment and to hear all yours. Here is mine: Once I owned a surf server that quite a few people went on and then this guy started playing. He didn't sound that old judging by his instant mic spamming. I'd say about 10-13. He quickly became the guy that no one liked on this server because of his constant nagging to admins about other good players beating him. He would sign in and all the other online players would give each other heads up and moan about his return. So one day before he logged in for his daily dose of winging and reporting, I asked a player to change his name to my user name and sit afk in the spectator mode. This is when the funs started :) He logged in as usual complained as usual so I decided to start using my admin hax on him under another name so he would think it was me in spectate. Everyone else joined in and started team owning him while I teleported him back and forth to a area surrounded by guys with guns :) I have never seen anyone get so furious. All you would hear is "Omegavox!! this **** is ******* hacking!!" "Ban him!! ban him now!! and so on. My Steam was getting constant spam from him. Until I decided I have had enough of his foul mouth and everyone had a gut full of.. well.. Him. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen on Css. I know reading this would make me sound real sad but trust me, If you had this kid coming in to your server everyday abusing good players and spamming his mic so much that it crashes the server you would do the same thing. I was a bit younger then and If it where to happen again today, I probably would handle it differently. So why just ban people? Some manage to come back. Just use admin skills on them until they scream so much that they don't want to come back to your server ever again. Its much for fun :)


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    Since when are admin privileges skills? There is no skill in knowing how to properly use admin.
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    I lol at life when it sucks.
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    No no.. I was meaning the other players on the server. Just normal players where real good and kept killing him (normal game play) I however, suck and couldn't shoot the floor even if i tried. And I never said that admin commands where skills. They are just funny
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