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Hi, i'm [F]ox (obvoiusly) I have a cal-o team getting ready for next season, and right now we only have 3 people because we kicked all the badies... I need really good people to join...i have a server, 100 tick...blahblahblah...but we have 3 people. I would like to get 6 people total (3 more players)....and if you are interested, just pm me, add me to steam (projektmayhem81)...or post in the forums below. Rules: 1. I will give you a tryout, against our best member, only way you get in, is if you beat him. 2. You must have a will be impossible to communicate in a match, and it will take up time, so only join if you have a mic. 3. Must work well with a team-If you rage quit even one time = out of the team. We don't take to those likings = P 4. I would like to give the tryouts by Feb 14 <3 get it lawl : ) 5. Get ready!!! ::::::Information about the team:::::: Our name is ^ERasuS, we used to be named IcM, but we all quit 2 weeks before cal o tryouts. We lost our server = ( We are a very fun team, we are almost always on practicing, and all that stuff. If you want rcon in the server, you must gain our trust and respect, and pay 1 buck a month, if not then just be in the team. I hope i get people to join!!! Sincerely: [F]ox...^ERasuS



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