Hidden ICBM launch?

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I was doing some roaming around the capital wastelands and i found my self in an array of satelite dishes, one with a launch sequence that shot down a few missles. These sattelites were found around the top left corner of the map if you were to look at it. Alittle to the left was a place called Fort Constatine, i found an ICBM launch code in the basement of a mans house in the same area. I go to launch the ICBM and i get an error telling me there are no sattelite coordinates or something of that sort. So anywho i was wondering if anyone has launched this ICBM and know what to do to launch it?


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    I just read this entire thread, unknowing to the fact that it was game-related. You really confused me there.

    Either way, friendly bump.

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    It cannot be launched. fort constantine is there pretty much just for housing the only set of t-51b armor and the big guns bobblehead.
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    There is a safe inside the house near Fort Constantine which contains the launch codes, and a vaultboy bobble head. You can use that to launch a nuclear missile which will strike a UFO and crash somewhere west of the fort. This will also trigger an event where you will receive a radio transmission from The Master, who needs your help. Alright, to tell you the truth it does nothing really
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    You get the launch codes from an old house basement nearby fort constantine.

    This should tell you all you need to know

    It's not as good as it sounds. You'd be lucky if you actually killed anything. I don't even know if a brahmin would die form the blast.

    P.S - if you creep up to a brahmin and press use, you will push it over!!! HA!
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    Lol, thanks for the replies guys, too bad you cant launch the damn thing.. I thought it was pretty fun blowing up megaton.. :P
    Workers of the world unite!
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    Lol, when you make those 7 or so nukes fall from the sky, I fucking pissed myself laughing.
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    I launched it. Didn't do anything that I could see, aside from shaking the building around a bit and me waiting for a nice big boom. I believe it's targeted for China or Alaska, not sure which.

    And I want to go Brahmin tipping now.
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