Onslaught map weird problem

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K, so Ive DL'ed the onslaught map, (from 2 different places, and Ive put every file in the right place) but when i enter it, the colors are seriously messed up. Most everything is in this weird color blend (everything except the map textures and button) and while it is playable, it still has this weird thing if someone can tell me the answer to this odd problem, i would appreciate it very, very much thx.


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    Well, I know that Onslaught maps were made for Gmod10, and may be using HL2E2 materials. That could be it.
    It could also be some problems with your graphics card or drivers. Update and debug 'em if possible.
    It could also be some messed up Custom Materials.

    Pics would help.
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    Thanks for the ideas


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