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URGENT!! HELP!! this post contains excessive need

I want to know if the way the files are created in Fallout 3 STEAM are like steam's usual ones, or like the one's you get in normal bethesda games so. MEH? OR Photobucket


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    CammieDee666 avatar
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    Its like the normal bestheda games it will be in the common folder
    Getting bored with FPSB avatar
    Getting bored with FPSB
  • 9y
    Posted by CammieDee666

    Its like the normal bestheda games it will be in the common folder

    Ah thanks a lot man

    Ill go buy it now, just making sure i can install mods (yes, i know about the validateolderfiles=1 and the other .text thing too)

    its only 25 pounds :D
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    Check out my mods thread, big list of the best ones out there
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    Dr. Tea Bag, PhD


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