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A Forum Thread for Day of Defeat

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Well I want to play day of defeat so much but i am banned on my acc that has dod. So i want to buy it for points. Only problem is that i dont have so much points so can you give me points? I right now only have like 966 points or something. DONATE LIST:


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    I hate when people make threads like this. If you want to buy a game, have the points ready.
    Leme see your warface >:(
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    Dont cheat next time. Pretty simple.
    Check out ;] avatar
    Check out ;]
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    As you don't have enough points you could submit some more work such as maps, models, anything is valid to get more points. Also offer something like the CD-Key of a game you don't play anymore, provided its a legitimate copy.
    Gloves are finger-helmets.


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