Fallout 3:Oblivion

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Is it possible?

I was just wondering if it is possible to have TES4:Oblivion world inside of Fallout 3. They use the same engine and are very similar so it seems possible. Anyone have any ideas about this?


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    I'm sure it's possible (and I use that lightly), but why? You want to shoot up some annoying fans?
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    Posted by PurplG

    I'm sure it's possible (and I use that lightly), but why? You want to shoot up some annoying fans?

    Assault rifles in Cyradila would be great fun though!

    And yes it is possible but i doubt anyone would do it since it is basiclly oblivion with a new hair style
    Wishing My Photoshop Worked...
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    So basically you would like to see a mash-up of the retro-futuristic view of the 1940's and the days of old?

    Yeah I could see that working xD

    /launches fat-man at imperial gaurd.
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    Fractals in Nature
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    They had gun mods for oblivion before fallout 3 i rember seeing a ak-47, springfeild, tompson, colt .45, and some others
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    Now i would pay to see Talon Mercs vs Daedra

    Or Super Mutants Taste My Sword! *owned*

    "Oh No That Demon Dude is Destroying the City"
    "Dont Worry Il Save You!" wait, you dont speak so it would be "..."
    *City Blows Up*
    *escape on a horse*

    Good Times
    Your car hit my window.


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