How do i fix this ?????????????

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I downloaded the dolls-rats map a few minutes. It required me to install only one file in Cstrike/maps and it works properly I now downloaded eric_jedi\'s Xmas rat map and it required me to install multiple files in cstrike/maps , Cstrike/materials and Cstrike/resources. I completed the installation of all the folders but when i launch the map it gives me the following error message: CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: Map \'xmas_rats_b3\' bsp version 20, expecting 19 map load failed: xmas_rats_b3 not found or invalid NOW: i found a solution to the problem but i dont know what the hell they are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is how to fix it: map load failed : my_map not found or invalid When trying to run your card you get the message "CModelLoader : : Map_IsValid : Map 'my_map' bsp version 20, expecting 19 map load failed my_map not found or invalid", it means that you have an older version of the game (not then I finally go to REVOLUTiON CSM SourceSDK?) , which did not support a new version of 20 BSP, which added support for HDR. There are several ways to address this gap, I would call them "correct" and "usual" : Method # 1 ( "correct") The correct way is to update the source of your game engine, and better to start the game REVOLUTiON SourceSDK CSM. Method # 2 ( "as always") Method "as always" I would call evasion progress and compile your card in the BSP-19 version of an older version. To do this you will need compilers CST, they are our SourceSDK. 1) Set Hammer, tab "Programs Build" you need to change all standard Valve compilers for compilers CST. vbsp.exe> cstbsp.exe vvis.exe> cstvis.exe vrad.exe> cstrad.exe 2) Apply your settings, and now you cards will be compiled in the 1919 version of BSP, clear your old games. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT HEY ARE TALKING ABOUT ??????????


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    You can save all your maps in 1 folder on desktop and the re-install css and see if that works...


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