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GTA IV PC Load Screen Problem.

A Forum Thread for Grand Theft Auto IV

Problem with the load screen

When i click Start, the loading screen (Like Roman, Vlad, etc) never ends. anyone can help me?


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    Minken Joined 11y ago
    Computer spec?
    "You're messing with the wrong
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    RME Joined 12y ago
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    I find it ironic that you have listed Grand Theft Auto IV - PC as your favorite game in your profile when judging by this thread you can't even play it...
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    You Can't See Me
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    Turnin Joined 12y ago
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    Close Xfire...
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    Hyper Dimensional Warfare
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    Zonno Joined 10y ago
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    Yes, it takes long, I always get to see all persons, takes about a minute or two on my computer. How long have you waited actually, you can't say that it never ends when you haven't seen the end. No seriously, if it takes longer than 10 minutes, there's something wrong, could be an error or something, try pressing Shift+Tab, otherwise, close all other tasks, so your computer only concentrates on the game.
    Leave your radio on during the avatar
    Leave your radio on during the
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    Darthfaceman Joined 11y ago
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    Posted by Zonno you can't say that it never ends when you haven't seen the end.
    Also, open task manager and give GTA4 the highest priority. also, defrag your HD and do a general cleaning of your computer.
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    .Lynx Joined 10y ago
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    Hur cleaning of your computer? phsyically or technically? lol, Try this use that to clean junk ect. avatar
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    Job_For_A_Cowboy Joined 12y ago
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    Download the new GTA IV patch its supposed to fix this problem.# Edit: Wait you have a AMD Sempron im sure this is single core and if thats the case you wont be able to run GTA IV.
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    Chicken and Broccoli


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KillerZombie Joined 10y ago
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