Attention all vault dwellers!!!!

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Resistance is futile...

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Hey, I was looking for a fallout club and found there was none so I decided to make one my self but heres my problem, I dont have photoshop anymore and I've only just got gimp and have no skill in using it yet so i would like the vault dwellers of FPSB/RPGB to kindly contribute to the construction of the club and provide adequate shelter from the raiders, slavers and super mutants by making an Uberstyle, tbar and other bits and peaces to make this as glorious and luxurious as tenpenny tower and as safe as rivet city! The name of the club is Fallout vault dweller's


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    Just Vault Dwellers sounds better to me.

    Also, get out of the ground you filthy mole
    Wishing My Photoshop Worked...
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    Cool, it would be really nice.... but it will also have to have an epic uber etc.
    I would join.

    Unfortunately I lack any of the required skills for making an uber or whatever so I cant help :S
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    There was Vault 101 made a couple weeks back, don't know how many Fallout fanclubs we will need.
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    Oh, so thats why i couldnt find it ^^
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    The orange of the banana.


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